3D Valley Farm

3D Valley Farm is a multi-generational Family Farm located in the Rolling Hills of Southern Indiana. We raise grass-fed beef cattle, pastured pork, Heritage free-range eggs, and can show you how real Maple Syrup is created by walking you through our forty acre Maple Grove. Our Family has been building a relationship with the land known as the “Valley” for more than 50 years.

Our holistic and adaptive pasture management practices allow our livestock to be maintained and raised on a variety of lush forages throughout the entire year. These biodynamic methods are key to providing you with a healthy product with increased antioxidant vitamins and heart-healthy omega-3’s!

In 1999, Our parents merged their passion for health, wellness, and agriculture by introducing their children to the Glory of the woods and Nature’s innate pure Maple Syrup through purchasing an addition to the Farm known as the “Maple Woods.” We currently have over 2500 taps flowing anywhere from January through the 2nd week of March. In 2020, we had the opportunity to convert an old by-gone Machinery Shed to the now known 3D Valley Farm Store, which is visited frequently by our customers each and every weekend.



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